Jamorama Standard Guitar Lessons

Breaking news…

Jamorama (a top online guitar lesson course taught by Ben Edwards) is still here, but it has more features than ever before.  In the past you had to buy a separate trainging package to get the special tips for playing acoustic guitar. Now, it is INCLUDED in the Jamorama Standard Edition.

Here is a full list of what you get:

For Guitar Beginners:

  • Beginner Lessons eBook
  • Beginner Video Lessons
  • Beginner Jam Tracks

For Advanced Guitar:

  • Advanced Lessons eBook
  • Advanced Video Lessons
  • Advanced Jam Tracks

Chord Kit:

  • Jamorama Chord eBook
  • Chord-Riff Video Sessions
  • Chordinator Game (PC/MAC)

Tuning Guide

  • How to Tune your Guitar eBook

Acoustic Guitar Kit (yay – it is included in the Standard Edition!):

  • Acoustic Focus Lessons eBook
  • Acoustic Video Exercises
  • Acoustic JamTracks Book 1
  • Acoustic JamTracks Book 2

Bonus Software and Games:

  • JaydeMusica Pro
  • GuitEarit
  • GuitarTuner Pro
  • Jamorama Metronome

Now, if you decide to spend the few extra bucks to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, you will also get:

Lead Guitar Course:

  • Jamorama Lead Guitar eBook
  • Jamorama Lead Video Lessons
  • Lead JamTracks

Lead Guitar Licks Kit:

  • Lead Licks JamTracks
  • Guitar Lick Videos

Advanced Guitar:

  • Advanced Learning Techniques eBook


  • Starter pack with Song Credits and Techniques Lessons

Go here: Jamorama Standard and Deluxe to read about all the details and to see all the images that show everything that is in these two great guitar lesson packages.

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Jamorama Deluxe and Standard Courses

The people at Jamorama are doing some amazing things to make a successful guitar course even better. The confusion about which course to buy will soon be over. The new choice is between the standard or the deluxe editions (or even the Hard Copy Edition which is on DVD).

What won’t change - the course is still taught by Ben Edwards and is chock full of training and other resources. They use video training and specific learning software, for example:

Jamorama Course and Bonuses Value

Jamorama - 44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons – $99.95

GuitEarIt! – Ear Training Game – $49.95

Jayde Musica Pro - Learn to Read Music Game – $49.95

Guitar Tuner Pro Software & How to Tune your Guitar – $99.95

Jamorama Metronome – $49.95

SongPond - Video lessons for your favorite songs – $15.95

TOTAL VALUE of this comprehensive multimedia course = $365.70 - Buy all of this for only .95 (until the price goes back up to $49.95)

The best news of all is that this complete course is still downloadable and is still the best low priced guitar course on the market.

Jamorama Standard Edtion – read this about all the “stuff” you’ll get.

The other big news is to come - What is Jamorama Deluxe? What does it include? Well, I now know more, here is where you can read more about Jamorama Deluxe Edition:


Note: I am not being paid to tell you this, but I would get a small commission if you buy the product using my link, so thanks if you do buy it!

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Learn Acoustic Guitar with Ben Edwards

ben_edwardsBen Edwards is well-known for his Jamorama guitar courses. So many people have learned to play the guitar with his original course, and now he’s created one specially for learning to play acoustic guitar - Jamorama Acoustic!

If you plan to mostly use an acoustic guitar when you play songs, or ifyou have an acoustic guitar and haven’t started taking guitar classes, this course is worth checking out.

I know he looks young, but he has lots of experience teaching guitar – to students of all ages. This is what you get with this guitar lesson course:

  • 153 video lessons
  • Guitar tips and tricks
  • An integrated learning kit with lessons, games and practice “jam tracks”
  • Printed materials: 44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons
  • Learn skills like reading guitar TAB
  • Bonuses: Guitar Ear-it, Jayde Musica Pro – Learn to Read Music Game, Guitar Tuner Pro Software and Jamorama Metronome
  • All the learning materials and bonuses are worth over $300 – but you can buy this entire course for $39.95!

Learn to play guitar as fast as possible without getting stuck trying to learn music theory which isn’t necessary for a beginner guitar student. This dream you’ve had could become a reality very very soon!


“Im very impressed, such an informative package! I’m finally doing what I always wanted to do, jamming with my friends.”

– Erica McDonald, Houston, Texas.

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Summertime, and the Guitar Playin’s Easy

It’s a great time when Summer comes to do something different. Especially if you have been in school and have a break. When you home after going to the pool or after playing some intense video games, you may still have time on your hands and sometimes TV is just so boring.

I know a lot of guys (and girls) that are learning to play the guitar this summer. Some are just doing it to learn to play their favorite songs. Others want to practice and get better before school starts, so they can try to form a band with their buddies. So, really, skateboarding, swimming, playing sports or video games a little less and learning to play the guitar would be a very cool thing to do right now.

Here, where I live it’s often too hot to do anything outdoors during the middle hours of the day. That is some of my best guitar playing times! And then in the evening I can go outside, sit on the front porch and play guitar for friends (or jam with guitar player friends).

Just thought I would try to convince some of you that are bored to get the guitar lessons going before Summer ends!

Hey, there are some free lessons you can look at too. If you do these and you think you are ready for more, then try out the lesson from Jamorama. These are time-tested and have a guarantee (so it’s like, a NO RISK proposition – tell that to your parents when they sigh and shake their heads after you tell them you are going to be a rock and roll star!)

As I promised, check out the free lessons here: Guitar Fly’s Freebie Guitar Lessons. They are a preview of Jamorama’s Acoustic Guitar Lessons that you get from their website. (read a review about Jamorama Acoustic Lessons here). And there are other Jamorama lessons:

the original Jamorama course (it’s only $39.95!) Jamorama PLUS Lead Guitar is on sale: $54.95.


Jamorama Acoustic is on sale for a few more days at $39.95 (and after June 29th it goes back up to $99.95).


So hurry up (get off your butt!) and get some guitar lessons – this is a good time since there are discounts right now – and because it’s Summertime!

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Jamorama Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Review

Pro Guitarist Ben Edwards has created another course to help you learn to play guitar – Jamorama Acoustic. This is similar to the original Jamorama Guitar course that has been a leader in the guitar lesson market for several years. But this time the new course is designed specifically for learning to be an acoustic guitar player.

With 153 video lessons, this new Jamorama Acoustic course is full of tricks, tips, and techniques to get any new guitar student playing in the shortest time possible. And, you get these bonuses:

  • JaydeMusica Pro
  • GuitEarIt!
  • Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar
  • Guitar Tuner Pro and How to Tune Your Guitar
  • The Jamorama Metronome

What is different about Jamorama Acoustic?

This is far different than the free online courses because of the integrated learning kit which includes games, practice audio tracks called “jam tracks” and of course the lessons. The kit is structured to get real results quickly. This tried and true system – from getting files downloaded to knowing what you will be learning step-by-step, plus the tracks to jam along with - is put into a context that makes learning fun and effective. Plus, it’s easy to use.

The purpose of this course is not to learn tedious advanced music theory - it was Ben’s intention to teach people the skills to play guitar music. All the skills you need to learn to be a guitar player (reading guitar tabs, tuning the guitar, learning chords) are taught in this course. These are skills you can apply right away, unlike learning theory that is unnecessary for a beginner.

This course rates a 10 out of 10! If you want to learn acoustic guitar and are looking at an online course, I wholeheartedly recommend Jamorama Acoustic Guitar. You will not find more information packaged in a user-friendly course for so little money anywhere. Jamorama Acoustic Guitar comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Get more information at Jamorama Acoustic Guitar.

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